Freehold villas

Freehold Villas will be owned and transferred under Thai citizen or Thai company. 

Leasehold villas

Foreigners may own buildings directly in their name or the name of an offshore company, with ownership registered at the Government Land Department. LE Villas will register ownership in your name at the time of transfer. 

While there are restrictions on foreign ownership of freehold land in Thailand, there are no such restrictions with regard to leasehold. LE Villas provides 3 x 30 year lease terms, again registered at the Government Land Department. Leasehold takes primacy of land usage.

Both options are available and can join our guaranteed rental return program.

There are a number of very competent lawyers in Phuket who are well versed in local property regulations who may be contacted to understand more about ownership & to undertake due diligence on the LE Villas sales agreements, These lawyers include:

K Pacharaporn
Property Law & Litigation
t: +66 (8) 1894 6188

K Prompun
Phairoh Associates
t: +66 76 324 035

Chumpong Arsa (K Pong)
The Laws Firm Phuket (Thailand) Co Ltd
t: +66 (76) 513-255